Providing the Dallas and Fort Worth Area with EsophyX™ and StomaphyX™ Procedures

Since physicians first began performing surgery, medical science has been searching for less invasive ways to correct physical conditions, malformations, and diseases of the internal organs. The risks of open surgery are many, and often the recovery period following major surgery is more uncomfortable for the patient than the condition for which the surgery was indicated. The development of laparoscopic and endoscopic surgical techniques represented a major victory in the pursuit of less invasive methods, but it is now possible to perform certain types of procedures without any incisions at all. Available at our practice serving the entire Fort Worth and Dallas metropolitan area, StomaphyX™ and EsophyX™ are a part of the next generation of surgical techniques.


StomaphyX™ is a relatively new surgical product that is used to create tissue folds in the stomach, thereby reducing the amount of food the stomach can hold, without requiring the use of any incisions. The StomaphyX™ device is inserted through the mouth and down the esophagus into the stomach. An endoscopic-style camera is used to provide images of the interior of the stomach. The tissue is then pulled into a fold and a permanent, non-absorbable fastener is attached to hold the fold in place. This process is repeated as many times as is necessary to adequately shrink the size of the stomach pouch. Then the tube is removed. Over time, the tissue will fuse together at the fastened points, creating an extremely strong bond. The patient has no incisions, no stitches, and no scars to worry about and the recovery period is dramatically shorter and easier than that for traditional surgery.

StomaphyX™ surgery is an ideal solution for patients who have undergone gastric bypassprocedures but have not experienced adequate weight loss because the size of the stomach pouch is still too large. Patients can obtain the benefits of increased stomach restriction without the discomfort of additional surgical incisions.


At our Dallas and Fort Worth-area practice, EsophyX™, from the makers of StomaphyX™, will soon be an incisionless surgery option for patients who suffer from severe gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Chronic heartburn, also known as acid reflux disease, can be a painful and inconvenient condition. Medications can help control the symptoms, but they cannot correct the anatomical problem that is the source of the condition. Surgical procedures for addressing GERD have traditionally been invasive and uncomfortable, even when done laparoscopically, so very few patients choose to undergo them.

The EsophyX™ System was designed for transoral incisionless fundoplication (TIF), a new technique for surgically correcting GERD. By introducing the device into the body through the mouth (transorally) and viewing the internal structures with an endoscopic camera, surgeons can create the necessary surgical alterations to block the movement of stomach acids up into the esophagus, without any of the typical abdominal or internal incisions.

Because it works according to the same principles as the well-established laparoscopic fundoplication procedure, EsophyX™ has all the benefits of traditional surgery without the disadvantages of surgical incisions. In addition, the EsophyX™ procedure can be adjusted or revised if necessary, using the same minimally invasive incisionless technique.

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