Gastric Banding


REALIZE™ Band and LAP-BAND® System Surgery at Our Arlington and Dallas Practice

Gastric banding is a surgical weight loss option that involves restricting the size of the stomach with a silicone ring. Developed as a minimally invasive alternative to traditional gastric bypass surgery, gastric banding uses only a few very small incisions, can easily be adjusted, and, if necessary, can even be reversed. Our practice offers both gastric banding options, the REALIZE™ Band and LAP-BAND® System surgery, to patients serving Arlington, Dallas, and Fort Worth.

LAP-BAND® System Surgery

The original adjustable gastric band, the LAP-BAND® System has been a successful weight loss option for many. Consisting of a saline-filled silicone ring that is fixed around the upper portion of the stomach and an attached access port that is positioned beneath the skin of the abdomen, the LAP-BAND® System has the benefit of being adjustable and, if necessary, removable.

LAP-BAND® System surgery has always been performed laparoscopically, as the product was designed for this purpose. Using very small incisions and specialized instruments, the surgeon places the band around the stomach, restricting the amount of food that it can hold. Once the LAP-BAND® Adjustable Gastric Band is in place, the amount of restriction can be adjusted simply by increasing or decreasing the amount of saline in the ring through the access port.

Patients who undergo LAP-BAND® System surgery at our Dallas, Arlington, and Fort Worth-area practice enjoy a number of benefits. In addition to the minimally invasive placement technique and easy adjustability, the LAP-BAND® system also has the advantage of not causing the nutritional deficiencies that can sometimes occur with gastric bypass surgery. Furthermore, although it is intended for long-term use, the LAP-BAND® System can be removed if necessary, often laparoscopically.

There are also certain risks associated with gastric banding, including inadequate weight loss, band slippage, and erosion of the band into the stomach. These will be discussed fully as part of our pre-surgery educational program.


As a new alternative to LAP-BAND® System surgery, the REALIZE™ Band is now available at our Arlington and Dallas-Fort Worth-area practice. Like the LAP-BAND® System, the REALIZE® Band restricts the amount of food that can be eaten in one sitting with a silicone ring placed around the upper portion of the stomach. If the restriction is inadequate and the patient is not losing weight, the ring can be tightened by adding saline through the attached access port. If the restriction is too severe and the patient is not able to take in the necessary nutrients, the amount of saline in the ring can be reduced.

Because no part of the stomach or intestine is removed or rerouted, the REALIZE™ Band can be removed if necessary. However, it is intended for long-term use and most patients will regain their weight once the band is removed.

Patients who undergo gastric banding with the REALIZE™ Band will also have access to the REALIZE mySUCCESS™ program, in addition to the support systems available through our office. This program is designed to help you develop a personalized plan for transitioning into your new lifestyle in a way that suits you.


At Minimally Invasive Bariatrics, we focus on thoroughly educating our patients, offering a wide range of surgical options, and providing comprehensive follow-up care. We believe that these are the factors that can make the difference between a successful procedure and one that does not produce the desired result

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