Minimally Invasive Bariatrics Offers Local Weight Loss Surgery

Minimally Invasive Bariatrics Offers Local Weight Loss Surgery

When you’re looking for a local weight loss surgery that offers success, good health, and a minimally invasive procedure, consider bariatric surgery that can be done in a nearby office. You’ll have the benefit of specially trained and experienced surgeons, as well as a supportive medical and administrative staff, who will help you feel comfortable as you embark in this new direction. There is a lot more than weight loss that comes with this surgery. In addition to seeing a smaller number on the scale, you’ll also gain back energy, your good health, and a positive outlook on your life that might have been missing before. There are a number of bariatric surgeries, and your healthcare provider will help you decide which is the safest and the best one for you. The size of your stomach may be reduced by using a gastric band that shrinks the organ, or part of it might even be removed if you opt for a gastrectomy. There is also gastric bypass surgery, which moves your small intestines to a small stomach pouch created by the surgeon. There are a number of options available to you, and the best way to ensure a quick recovery […]

StomaphyX: A Safer Way to Weight Loss

StomaphyX is a safe and effective way of losing weight approved by the U.S. FDA in 2007. It is an incisionless weight loss surgery for patients who have regained weight after undergoing previous surgeries like duodenal switch, gastric bypass, or gastric sleeve surgery. Even though the preceding surgeries cut weight down to 60-80%, patients usually regain weight several years after the surgery. When this happens, StomaphyX helps in trimming down the stomach pouch to its original gastric bypass size. This procedure regulates the intake of food and slows down the emptying of the stomach. This makes the patient feel as if they are full, resulting in a decrease in food intake. Over time, the patient will continue to lose additional weight. StomaphyX is not an initial surgery but a revision type of incisionless bariatric surgery. The advantage of StomaphyX is that unlike typical surgery, there is no incision involved. There is also endoscopic visualization where the endoscope is directed from the mouth to the patient’s stomach. Because the surgery is incisionless, pain is minimal or there is no pain at all. There are also lower risks compared to traditional surgery. StomaphyX reduces the chance of infection because of the incisionless […]

The Negative Health Effects of Obesity

We have all heard about the serious health problems that are associated with obesity. These are serious matters, and not only can they result in death, but they can drastically alter your overall quality of life. It’s for that reason that many people are turning to bariatric surgery and other weight loss methods in order to reach a more ideal weight. We’d like to take a few moments to look into these matters right now. About Obesity Obesity refers to a condition in which a person carries too much excess body fat for their height and weight. This is usually determined by looking at a person’s body mass index, or BMI. This is the person’s mass divided by the square of their height. Normal BMI ranges from 18.5 to 24.9. Being overweight is a BMI of 25.0 to 29.9. Obesity is when the BMI is 30.0 and above. While there are BMI anomalies, these numbers hold for the vast majority of the population. The Difference Between Obesity and Morbid Obesity There are different classifications of obesity based on the BMI and amount of excess body fat. Generally these classifications breaks down as follows: Obesity – BMI of 30.0 to 34.9 Severe Obesity – […]

Recovery from Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Many people struggle with weight and the best way to maintain a healthy figure. While it is always ideal to control weight through diet and exercise, for some, that is simply not a realistic option. Patients who are obese face obstacles that are not experienced by those with only a small amount of weight to lose. The medical risks and activity restrictions that many obese patients face make weight loss surgery a good option for many. At Dr. Glen Ihde’s Dallas bariatric surgery center, he offers patients surgical options that enhance weight loss while being minimally invasive to patients. Gastric sleeve surgery reduces the size of the stomach without making changes to the digestive tract and without introducing any foreign objects to the body. While this procedure is less invasive than other weight loss surgery alternatives, it is a surgical procedure that will require an extended recovery. As part of the preparation for surgery, Dr. Ihde ensures that his patients know what to expect from gastric sleeve recovery. Following gastric sleeve surgery, most patients are kept in the hospital for one to two nights so that pain and recovery can be monitored. While the hospital stay will likely only last a couple of […]

Bariatric Surgery Outcomes

At Minimally Invasive Bariatrics, our Dallas bariatric surgery center, we offer a comprehensive range of surgical procedures intended to help clinically obese patients lose massive amounts of weight. When performed by the sort of experienced professionals that comprise the Minimally Invasive Bariatrics team, surgical weight loss procedures such as gastric banding, Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, and gastric sleeve are extremely safe and highly effective procedures that can help to save lives. Our patients emerge from surgery better able to lead healthy lives and restrict their caloric intake, which sets them up for long-term success. At our practice in Dallas, bariatric surgery success rates consistently meet or exceed the average national success rates. This is because our highly skilled team puts the safety of our patients above all else. The overriding goal of Minimally Invasive Bariatrics is to provide our patients with excellent surgical results and all of the tools and support they need to lose weight and keep it off. If you live in or near Arlington, Fort Worth, or Dallas, gastric bypass surgery, LAP-BAND® System surgery, REALIZE™ Band surgery, and gastric sleeve surgery of the most surpassing standard are available at our conveniently located office. Simply contact Minimally Invasive Bariatrics serving the greater Dallas area […]

What Are the Complications of Lap-Band® Surgery?

The Lap-Band® System is among the least invasive of all Dallas bariatric surgery options. It has been an effective and successful weight loss surgery option for many patients. Through the Lap-Band® System, we are able to control the amount of food that the stomach can hold at one time. This is achieved by reducing the stomach’s capacity. By reducing the stomach’s capacity, we are able to effectively restrict the amount of food that a person can eat. One of the greatest benefits of the Lap-Band® System is that a person is only able to eat a small amount of food, yet is still able to feel full. The Lap-Band® System allows patients to feel full faster and longer while eating much less than they did before undergoing the procedure. Because the Lap-Band® surgery is performed laparoscopically, it is a minimally invasive procedure, often making the recovery period much easier and quicker than other more invasive weight loss surgeries. In fact, many patients feel able and ready to return normal activities one to two weeks following the Lap-Band® surgery. Lap-Band® Risks While there are many benefits to the Lap-Band® System, there are still risks involved. The Lap-Band® surgery as well as all surgical […]

Pre-operative Bariatric Surgery Instructions

People who are morbidly obese often need to change their lifestyles in a profound way in order to improve their quality of life. That’s why many people undergo Dallas bariatric surgery every year. This is a big step, and it means lasting changes to your diet and your usual habits. We’d like to look at some of the basics when it comes to pre-operative surgical instructions. These should give you an idea of why it’s important to be diligent and committed to the instructions your surgeon provides. Why Preparing for Bariatric Surgery is Important By preparing properly for bariatric surgery, you will ensure that your recovery goes by smoothly and with as few complications as possible. These preparations will also help ease you into the lifestyle changes associated with bariatric surgery. We will give you detailed instructions at our Dallas and Arlington weight loss surgery centers, and we will also be available to you in the lead up to surgery in case any new questions should arise. Know What to Expect Since life after bariatric surgery is going to be different for patients, it’s important that they get the info on their needs after the surgery has been performed. This means learning about dietary changes, […]

Revision Bariatric Surgery

For patients suffering from the effects of obesity, bariatric surgery can be a life-saving treatment. While the majority of Dallas bariatric surgery patients will achieve weight loss after surgery, some patients achieve inadequate weight loss or even gain weight after surgery. Some patients find the lifestyle changes after surgery to be difficult to adjust to. Patients can gain weight or not lose weight from overeating after surgery. This can occur as a result of a problem with the initial bariatric surgery procedure. While this can be distressing and quite frustrating for patients, there are revision bariatric surgery procedures available to correct these issues. Revision Bariatric Surgery: Gastric Bypass Surgery Patients who have undergone gastric bypass surgery and are now gaining weight or who are not losing significant amounts of weight may benefit from revision bariatric surgery. The most likely cause of your weight gain is the stomach increasing in size or the connection between the stomach pouch and the small intestine has increased in size. To confirm that this has occurred, an upper endoscopy exam will be performed. While having to undergo a second procedure is not ideal, StomaphyX™ offers a non-invasive way to correct these issues. One of the greatest […]

Bariatric Surgery Costs and Financing

Sometimes losing weight naturally doesn’t happen fast enough. This is especially true with people fighting morbid obesity. Rapid weight loss may be their best shot at living a healthy life. That’s why more and more people are turning to bariatric surgery. When you meet with a Dallas bariatric surgeon, you can lose weight rapidly and enhance your overall appearance in the process. There might be something holding a person back from getting the help they need, however. That’s why we want to look at the cost of bariatric surgery and how people can pay for the treatment. About Weight Loss Surgery Costs The average cost of weight loss surgery can range anywhere between $15,000 to $30,000, and sometimes more. It’s not an insignificant amount of money. What determines the cost of bariatric surgery? There are many factors that go into the cost of a bariatric surgery. The type of surgery, for one, can change the cost of your treatment. The complexity of a patient’s case must also be taken into account. Your location and the surgeon you speak to will also have a bearing on the price. When you meet with one of our weight loss surgeons in Dallas, we can […]

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Benefits and Risks

Obesity is not something you choose. Chances are you’ve tried diet after diet and you are still struggling with your weight. You may have succeeded at losing weight and just couldn’t keep it off. While losing weight can be difficult, exercising with an obese body can be even more difficult. Even if you are physically able to work out you may feel embarrassed by your body. You don’t have to let obesity keep you from living the active, fulfilling life you deserve! We can help you achieve your weight loss goals through weight loss surgery. Weight loss surgery may be an ideal solution if you are obese and are suffering from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, depression, sleep apnea, or gallbladder disease, among many other health conditions. For the majority of our patients in Dallas, bariatric surgery has lessened, and in some cases eliminated, these health conditions. Benefits of Gastric Sleeve Surgery The biggest benefit of gastric sleeve surgery is the improvements patients achieve in their health. Many patients with type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and high cholesterol experienced significant improvements in these health conditions after undergoing gastric sleeve surgery. The weight loss that patients achieve […]


At Minimally Invasive Bariatrics, we focus on thoroughly educating our patients, offering a wide range of surgical options, and providing comprehensive follow-up care. We believe that these are the factors that can make the difference between a successful procedure and one that does not produce the desired result

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