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7At Minimally Invasive Bariatrics, we focus on thoroughly educating our patients, offering a wide range of surgical options, and providing comprehensive follow-up care. We believe that these are the factors that can make the difference between a successful procedure and one that does not produce the desired result. Learn about the obesity surgery programs in place at our Arlington, Dallas, and Fort Worth-area practice by browsing the menu on the left

Advanced Techniques
btn-esophyxMinimally Invasive Bariatrics is committed to providing our patients with the best care possible. As part of this commitment, we offer a wide range of procedures, which we perform using only the most advanced minimally invasive methods available. The newest incisionless procedure available is EsophyX™.

Advanced Techniques

img-reyOften called the gold standard in bariatric surgery techniques, Roux-en-Y gastric bypass is a well-established weight loss surgery procedure that involves permanently altering the path of the upper digestive system.

img-lapbandThe LAP-BAND® System is a popular alternative to the classic gastric bypass surgery, as it restricts the amount of food that can be consumed without making permanent structural changes to the digestive system.

img-sleeveThe sleeve gastrectomy is a relatively new form of bariatric surgery offered at Minimally Invasive Bariatrics in Arlington, Dallas, and the Fort Worth area. It involves reducing the size of the stomach as well as the stomach’s ability to produce certain appetite-inducing hormones

The StomaphyX™ procedure is a way to reduce the size of the stomach without incisions by accessing the stomach transorally, or through the mouth. This innovative method is an ideal bariatric revision surgery technique because it can be used to further reduce the stomach pouch without subjecting the patient to additional invasive surgery. The recovery period after the StomaphyX™ procedure is minimal and the risks of infection or post-operative bleeding are virtually eliminated.